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Diversity and Inclusion at BioMarin

More than two decades ago, BioMarin began by embracing difference – acknowledging and addressing the unmet medical needs of people with rare genetic diseases. Today, this ethos extends across our company, where we believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive community of employees.

We strive to understand, support, and celebrate our differences in race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability and sexual orientation. We seek diverse perspectives and value contributions from those with a broad spectrum of backgrounds, education, personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge.

At BioMarin, we are passionate about making a big impact on rare patient populations, and this takes the widest possible range of ideas. To find solutions for the patients we serve, our workforce must represent diversity in all its forms.

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Workplace Programs

Through various workplace programs, we are cultivating a diverse, inclusive community where our employees can innovate and thrive:

    Women in Sciences: Several BioMarin initiatives are helping to advance the representation of women in the sciences:

      Women Leadership Development Group: The BioMarin Women Leadership Development Group strives to provide programs for all employees to develop women throughout leadership levels and the talent pipeline, institutionalize the inclusion of women in our culture and business processes, and educate our colleagues on the values and practices that support this culture – with the ultimate goal to achieve gender parity in all aspects of our work.

      Women Executive Recruitment: BioMarin is committed to increasing women representation at our executive level and has adopted several strategies to achieve this, including significant female representation in candidate pools, interview teams that include at least two females, and accurate and complete disposition rationales for all female candidates reviewed. We also build opportunistic pipelines of women for leadership positions.

      Pay Equity Analysis: At BioMarin, fairness and equity are critical values of our pay programs. We conduct annual statistical analyses to validate fair pay practices in the US, review and address identified pay discrepancies by applying pay adjustments, and use findings to develop goals for bolstering our pay equity practices. In 2019, these analyses found no evidence of a gender pay base gap for BioMarin overall.


    “I am proud to work for a company that supports women in the workforce – especially those of us in STEM. We have been fortunate to retain and develop great talent, and it’s so rewarding to see women in leadership positions at all levels of our organization.”

    Vikki Sluzky, Senior VP, Technical Development

    PRIDE Group: The BioMarin PRIDE Group strives to create a workplace that is welcoming and inclusive towards all employees regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression – to a committed and productive workforce. The group has a holistic vision of inclusivity and recognizes the need for creating affirming spaces in the workplace and in our broader communities. The PRIDE Group’s ultimate goal is to foster an educated workforce that understands the benefit of diversity.

    Brandon Priest

    “PRIDE is a huge first step toward creating a diverse and inclusive environment at BioMarin. Through our various events we aim to create a positive culture, spread knowledge, and build community. But behind the scenes, the team works tirelessly to forge a path toward the change we wish to see at BioMarin. Being involved with such a passionate group has been an honor and I am excited for the incredible initiatives we will accomplish!”

    Brandon Priest, Senior Analyst in Global Engineering and Facilities

    Equality Act: BioMarin supports the federal Equality Act that passed the US House of Representatives in May 2019. The Act would provide consistent and explicit non-discrimination protections for LGBTI people across key areas of life, including employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces and services, federally funded programs, and jury service.

    Respect in the Workplace: In 2019, every BioMarin manager – over 800 in all – completed our live training workshop dedicated to building and maintaining a respectful workplace, including active strategies and tactics for avoiding discrimination and harassment.

    Supplier Diversity Programs: BioMarin is a member of the Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council (WRMSDC), which provides access to certified minority suppliers, supplier diversity program development, and more.

Community Commitment

At BioMarin, our support for diverse populations goes beyond the therapies we provide. We strive to support our local communities around the world, developing programs that inspire and enrich both our patient populations and the areas where we live and work:

    BioTech Partners: BioMarin is honored to collaborate with Biotech Partners, an independent, non-profit, Bay Area-based organization focused on helping students underrepresented in the field of biotechnology to attain personal, academic, and professional development experiences through in-classroom instruction and paid internships within the biotech and health industries.

    RARE Scholars: RARE Scholars, an annual scholarship awarded by BioMarin to students living with rare disease, aims to empower patients with continued education by recognizing students who have demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities.



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