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News | May 1, 2022

Independent Research Presented at Pediatric Endocrine Society Annual Meeting

BioMarin congratulates Dr. Andrew Dauber, Chief of Endocrinology at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., who has recently presented independent research to study a BioMarin therapy, in selected genetic causes of short stature.

Our Motivation | April 4, 2022

It’s time to give a platform, or in my case “runway,” to people with rare disease

In a special guest series, Kendra Gottsleben takes us on her journey of planning a fashion show to celebrate diversity in all its forms.

Advancing our understanding of gene therapy research, one publication at a time

Forty years ago, the idea of gene therapy seemed like science fiction. Deliver a genetic blueprint to human cells using modified viruses or other molecular tools?

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Science | February 4, 2022

Zeroing in on Therapeutic Drug Targets

Scientific pioneers Lon Cardon and Karol Estrada shed new light on the decades-old question of how to identify optimal drug targets.

Science | January 28, 2022

BioMarin’s Center of Technology empowers scientists with technology, resources, and collaboration

For a scientist, access to cutting-edge technologies, rare resources, and expert support can turn a new idea into a groundbreaking discovery.

Science | November 21, 2021

Meet the Scientist: Christian Vettermann, Ph.D.

In his latest paper, Dr. Vettermann solves a complex problem facing hemophilia A scientists and clinicians for years.