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Remediation Project: 999 3rd Street, San Rafael, CA Phase 2

This year, BioMarin will begin the second (and final) phase of a 12-18 month project to remediate the western side of the former PG&E Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site located at 999 3rd Street in San Rafael. This work is a continuation of the work PG&E initiated on the eastern side of this property. It is an important step in the future redevelopment of the site and is being overseen by the California Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Toxic Substances Control’s (DTSC) Berkeley office.

What work is planned?
Work will be conducted in accordance with a cleanup plan approved by DTSC. Work will involve the following:

  • Readying the site for work including conducting an underground utility survey, installing a large tent, altering existing fencing, removing asphalt and concrete, conducting background air sampling, bringing equipment on to the site, and moving impacted soils from the site to an appropriate landfill;
  • Installation of site shoring to reinforce the walls of excavated areas;
  • Phased removal of soil containing MGP related materials using large equipment such as excavators, backhoes, and dump trucks;
  • Site restoration activities including soil compaction and grading and site repaving and landscaping.

The project will begin in the second quarter of 2019 and continue through the fourth quarter of 2020. Work will be conducted between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and may be conducted on Saturdays with approval from the City of San Rafael.

What type of impacts might the community experience during this work?

BioMarin, in close consultation with the City of San Rafael, will conduct this work in a way that is respectful of the community and area merchants, limits off-site impacts to the greatest degree possible, and provides advance communication about project activities to keep the public informed.
Truck Traffic: During the course of normal operations, no more than 30 trucks will enter and exit the site daily with no more than three to four trucks on-site at any one time. Trucks will enter the site from 3rd Street via Lindaro Street and then exit onto 2nd Street from Lindaro Street. The following activities will be conducted to minimize traffic delays:

  • Trucks will not enter/exit the site during commute hours
  • Trucks will be staged off-site to allow staggered entry onto the site
  • Flaggers will safely manage truck and pedestrian traffic
  • A deceleration lane will be built along 3rd Street adjacent to the site (six parking spots will be removed) to allow truck entry without impacting adjacent traffic lanes
  • Trucks will operate in accordance with City of San Rafael permits and will follow City-approved truck routes in and out of the site.

Noise/Vibrations: During some portions of the work, area residents and businesses may experience minor noise and vibrations typical of heavy construction work. The following controls and considerations will be in effect during the project:

  • Noise will be kept within levels allowed by the City of San Rafael
  • On-site vibration monitors will be used
  • Work will be coordinated with neighbors and advanced notice will be provided as necessary

Odors/Dust: The soils being removed may contain some old petroleum products and removal may create some short-term petroleum-like and mothball-like odors. The following controls and considerations will be in effect during the project:

  • Excavation size will be limited for easy soil management and control;
  • Water will be used to control dust;
  • Active carbon filtration systems will be used to collect vapors and control odors;
  • Air monitoring will be conducted at the excavation site and along the perimeter of the property to keep airborne dust and soil vapors well below levels established by DTSC and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) that are protective of the public;
  • Additional soil management technologies will be available on-site to quickly respond to dust and odor concerns.

Community Engagement
BioMarin’s Community Affairs staff will be on-site during working hours and will be available 24/7 via cell phone to quickly respond to community issues.

You can also sign up for weekly community updates by emailing

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