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BioMarin in the Hemophilia Community

At BioMarin, we recognize that there is therapeutic power in the arts and self-expression.That’s why we’re proud to sponsor Breaking Through! Musical Theater Intensive, a three-day musical theater and arts workshop for the bleeding disorders community produced by Believe Limited.

The musical workshop, directed by hemophilia advocate and Believe Limited CEO Patrick James Lynch, was held from November 9 – 12, 2018 and culminated in a Broadway-style performance called Hemophilia the Musical for local bleeding disorder community members, family and friends.

Introducing ‘Breaking Through!’ a Musical Theater Intensive for The Bleeding Disorders Community
Breaking Through! with Patrick and BioMarin’s Hemophilia Patient Advocacy Lead, Rose
Breaking Through!: Finding Freedom Through Creative Expression
Hemophilia: the Musical Participant Announcement

At BioMarin Hemophilia, people always come first. We aspire to lift the voice of the hemophilia community and channel that energy into all that we do. That’s why we started Speak Out. We want to help the community thrive. From clinical research to supporting local advocacy groups, we will always make sure that you are heard.

Visit our website to listen to the sound of what’s next in hemophilia and connect with us on Facebook.

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