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Process Related Questions

When does BioMarin accept grant requests?
Grant requests are accepted for review all year.

How long does the grant request process take?

  • US/Canada: A minimum of 60 calendar days is required to process any grant request, please plan accordingly.
  • EUMEA: A minimum of 30 calendar days is required to process any grant request, please plan accordingly.

What is BioMarin’s review and decision process regarding grant requests?
BioMarin has a centralized grant review and decision-making process.  Grant committees consist of cross-functional representatives to ensure each grant request is meritorious, consistent with BioMarin’s goals and policies, and is not excessive or duplicative.  BioMarin grants are never in any way tied to, or intended as an inducement or reward for, the past, present, or future purchase, prescription, or recommendation of any of BioMarin product.

Can I submit my grant request via paper and/or through my BioMarin field representative?
No.  All grant requests must be submitted online by the requesting organization.

Can an organization submit multiple grant requests?
Yes.  However, grant requests are reviewed individually. Funding of a grant request is not contingent upon previous activity nor does previous activity guarantee future support.

Can I request funding for an activity that has already occurred?
No.  BioMarin does not fund activities that have already occurred.

Applications must be submitted to BioMarin at least 60 calendar days (US/Canada) or 30 calendar days (EUMEA) prior to the program date to allow adequate time for committee review, communication of decision, and execution of an agreement (if required).

Can I complete part of the request form and complete the rest later?
Yes. If you are unable to complete your request form in one sitting, you may save the partially completed request form and complete the rest later by clicking “Save & Continue Later” at the bottom of the page. You will have the opportunity to come back and make changes to the request form at any time before the submission of a request.

How will I be notified of the status of my grant request?
An email update will be sent upon submission of a grant request to confirm BioMarin’s receipt of the grant request and after committee review to notify the requestor of either an approval or denial of the request.  At any point in the process, the requestor will receive notification if an application is missing required documentation or further information is needed to complete the grant request review.

What is a Request for Additional Information and how much time do I have for completion?
A Request for Additional Information is made when more information is needed to consider your grant request. The request will be sent via email. Requestors are asked to respond to Requests for Additional Information within 10 business days.  If BioMarin has not received all necessary information within 10 business days, the grant request will be denied.

I received an email Request for Additional Information.  May I fax, mail, or email the information?
No.  All updates to your grant request must be made directly to your application in the online portal.

May I change the content of my grant request once it has been submitted?
Changes to the topic, target audience, or other material aspect of a submitted grant request will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  If you need to make such a change, email the request to BioMarin at (US/Canada) or (EUMEA).

If my grant request is denied, may I appeal the decision?
No. Decisions to deny grant requests are final. There is no appeal process.

My grant request was denied but I do not understand the reason.  Can I find out why?
Please review the Grant Request Guidelines for eligibility criteria.  There are numerous reasons why a grant request may be denied.  For example, budgetary allocations may change, grant requests may not reflect BioMarin educational strategies, or similar activities may have already been funded.

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Technical Questions

What if I don’t remember my username and password?
Please email BioMarin at
or (EUMEA).

Why was I prevented from registering?
Common reasons include:

  • Some of the information entered as part of your registration was invalid – please see the error message and re-enter the required information.
  • You entered an email address or username during your registration that has already been registered with the online portal. Please choose a different username or email address.
  • If you have registered previously, please request that your username be emailed to you (see “What if I cannot remember my Username or Password?” below for details).
  • If you have not registered previously, please email BioMarin at
    or (EUMEA).
  • You failed to complete a mandatory field.

Why was I unable to log-in?
Common reasons include:

  1. Your account may have been disabled due to inactivity.
    Please email BioMarin at
    (US/Canada) or (EUMEA)and request that your account be reactivated.
  2. Your account has been temporarily disabled due to repeated unsuccessful log-in attempts. Please wait 30 minutes before you try to log-in again.

What if my program description does not fit into the allotted space?
You will have the opportunity to upload supporting documentation at the end of the request form.

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Certain grant requests may require the requestor to enter into a duly executed Grant Agreement with BioMarin.

How will I receive the Grant Agreement?
The Grant Agreement will be sent to you via email.  Instructions as to the execution of the Grant Agreement and return to BioMarin will be included. You will receive a pdf copy of the fully executed agreement for your files.

Who should sign the Grant Agreement?
Grant Agreements should only be signed by persons duly authorized by the organization to enter into contractual agreements on its behalf.

Will I get a copy of the Grant Agreement from BioMarin?
Once BioMarin receives the signed Grant Agreement from an organization, it can take up to 2 weeks to obtain all required signatures at BioMarin and provide a copy of the fully executed document to the grant requestor. It is to your advantage to return the Grant Agreement in a timely manner to avoid delays.

I sent the Grant Agreement executed by my organization back to BioMarin. How do I know if BioMarin received it? 
Once BioMarin receives the Grant Agreement signed by an organization, the applicant will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within a reasonable amount of time, please email BioMarin at
or (EUMEA).

What if I do not wish to enter into a grant agreement?
BioMarin will not process the grant award until the grant agreement is fully executed.

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Is a reconciliation required if all the grant funds were spent exactly as stated in the application?
Yes.  A reconciliation is required for all grants. Failure to submit a reconciliation within 90 days of the Program End Date may result in denial of future funding.


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