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Process Related Questions

When does BioMarin accept applications for support for independent research?
BioMarin accepts applications for support for investigator-initiated research all year.

How long does it take for BioMarin to review the application once it’s been submitted?

Applications are reviewed by a committee that meets once per month. Your completed application will be placed sequentially on the next available open timeslot on the committee’s agenda

Can I submit my request for independent research support via paper and/or through my BioMarin Medical Liaison?
No. All IR program support applications must be submitted online by the requesting PI or PI’s delegate.

Can I request support for a study that is already underway?
No. BioMarin does not fund studies that are already in progress or that have already completed. Applications must be submitted and approved before study activities begin.

Can I complete part of the application form and complete the rest later?
Yes. If you are unable to complete your application form in one sitting, you may save the partially completed application and complete the rest later by clicking “Save Draft” at the bottom of the page. You will have the opportunity to come back and make changes to the application at any time before submission.

I received an email rejecting my application because it was incomplete. May I fax, mail or email the required information?
No. All updates to your application must be made directly to your application in the online portal. Once you’ve completed updates you must resubmit your application.

May I change the content of my IR program support application request once it has been submitted?
No. Once your application has been submitted you will not be able to access it in order to update. However you will be able to submit a new application. The system will allow you to clone and update a previously submitted application for updating and re-submission. If for any reason you’d like to cancel a previously submitted application, please email to request that your application be discarded.

If my IR program support application is Not Approved, may I appeal the decision?
No. Decisions to not approve applications are final. There is no appeal process. However you may re-apply at any time.

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Technical Questions

What if I don’t remember my username and password?

  • The system provides a help function to allow you to reset your password given your registered email address and security questions.
  • Send a message through the Contact Us page to ask for a password reset.

Why was I prevented from registering?

  • Some of the information entered as part of your registration was invalid – please see the error message and re-enter the required information.
  • You entered an email address during your registration that has already been registered with the online portal. Please choose a different email address.
  • If you have registered previously, please contact us to have your password reset and sent to the registered email address . (see “What if I cannot remember my Username or Password?” below for details).
  • You failed to complete a mandatory field.

Why was I unable to log-in?

  • Your account may have been disabled due to inactivity.
    Send a message through the Contact Us page to ask for a password reset or request that your account be reactivated.

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