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BioMarin is committed to transparency into environment, social and governance (ESG) activities at our company. In 2022, we took several additional actions to advance our commitment to ESG issues, including:

  • Formed an internal cross-functional team of organizational leaders whose purpose is to respond to and begin to address stakeholder feedback received on all ESG issues. The cross-functional ESG Core Team is overseen by an ESG Executive Steering Committee comprised of top executives, including our chief company officers for legal, compliance, finance/investor relations, technical operations, people and communications. In addition, the BioMarin Board of Directors’ Corporate Governance Nominating Committee provides further oversight of all ESG activities.
  • Hired an independent consulting firm with expertise in ESG risk management and disclosure to provide technical advice to the cross-functional team.
  • Disclosed additional ESG information on BioMarin.com.
  • Completed an MSCI gap analysis.
  • Completed a limited materiality assessment, which identified the ESG topics most important to our business and
  • Compiled and analyzed information deemed financially material by SASB’s Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Sustainability Accounting Standard, Version 2018-10, and published a SASB index on BioMarin.com with hyperlinks to more detailed corporate responsibility narratives included throughout our website.

From this work, BioMarin plans to complete the following additional actions by 2025:

  • Monitor changes in MSCI score and gauge investor feedback as more information is disclosed, and report back on progress.
  • Publish a formal ESG report.
  • Develop and implement additional ESG goals and initiatives.
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