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Contact Medical Information

Healthcare professionals can request information about BioMarin’s products and clinical trials via our webform or by getting in touch using the contact details below. If you are a patient looking for information, please speak to your doctor.

BioMarin recommends the use of its marketed products in accordance with approved prescribing information. Please refer to the full prescribing information for approved marketed product labelling and safety information.

Submit a Medical Information Question Report an Adverse Event Report a Product Complaint

Email us at medinfo@bmrn.com.

Speak to someone in person using the telephone details provided.

Healthcare Professionals within the United States can go to medical.biomarin.com for further information.

Global Contact Information

If a telephone number for your country is not listed, please use alternative local toll paid number with the appropriate country code.

  • Australia

    (02) 8520 3255

  • Hong Kong


  • Japan


  • South Korea


  • Taiwan


Other Countries

If your country is not listed, please call:

Tel: +1 (651) 523-0310 (use appropriate country dial out code, international call charges apply)

Hours: 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week


© 2023 BioMarin. All rights reserved.