Internal Resource Groups

At BioMarin, we foster a culture in which all voices are heard and everyone feels they belong. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Community Resource Groups (CRGs) are critical to this effort. Since the start of our first ERG, the BioMarin Women’s Leadership Group (BWLD), our list of ERGs and CRGs has grown to eight and counting. While our ERGs are predominantly identity-based, our CRGs share a like-minded common interest and/or goal.

Our resource groups are woven into the fabric of who we are at BioMarin, with involvement from all levels of our organization. Any employee is welcome to become a group member, and each group is supported by both an Executive Sponsor – a senior BioMarin leader at the level of VP or above—and a Leader Liaison – a member of the C-suite who helps to serve as a bridge to BioMarin executive leadership.

Our ERGs and CRGs provide a sense of belonging for both group members and the BioMarin community at large, offering seminars, events, resources, and more that are utilized and enjoyed by employees across our company. By helping our employees understand and appreciate the differences among us, these groups continue to strengthen our connections to each other within BioMarin, and to the broader community beyond our organization.

Employee Resource Groups

Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC)

APIC aims to share and raise awareness about issues facing API (Asian Pacific Islander) employees and the community at large, along with creating an open forum for employees who share a common identity, interests and challenges to meet to support one another.

Black Employee Resource Group (BERG)

BERG advocates for the personal and professional enrichment of Black and African ancestry employees. The group supports BioMarin’s efforts to prioritize DEI, and invest in policies, systems and infrastructure that promote belonging, accountability and transparency.


Latinx envisions a workplace that is welcoming and inclusive towards all employees. The group encourages and empowers people of Latinx descent to have more fulfilling and productive workplace experiences. The term Latinx includes Hispanics, Latinos and all people regardless of gender and sexual preference.


PRIDE strives to create a workplace that is welcoming and inclusive toward all employees regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. The group has a holistic vision of inclusivity and recognizes the need for creating affirming spaces in the workplace and in our broader communities.

Veterans Employee Resource Group

The Veterans Group emphasizes the skills veterans can bring to the workforce, leveraging a history of diversity and inclusivity present in the military to advance DEI at BioMarin and to provide support for veterans, their family members, and individuals supporting those who have served.

BioMarin Women Leadership Development Group (BWLD)

The BioMarin Women Leadership Development Group strives to provide programs for all employees to develop women across leadership levels, institutionalize the inclusion of women in our culture and business processes, and educate our colleagues on the values and practices that support this.

Community Resource Groups

Catalysts for Change Community Resource Group (C4C)

C4C strives to provide a safe, supportive space for employees to be their best authentic selves while getting into the practice of having difficult conversations, becoming more self-aware and modeling DEI in the workplace.

Working Parents Community Resource Group

Working Parents provides a safe space and aims to be a support system and forum for working parents to be more effective in all aspects of their work and home lives.