Learning and Development

Continued learning and growth are central to the BioMarin culture – especially in terms of respect for others, both within and beyond our workplaces. When we integrate more best practices related to diversity, inclusion and respect, we help our workforce to thrive and bring their best authentic selves to the table.

DEI Learning and Growth Opportunities

We strive to go above and beyond in the DEI learning and growth opportunities we provide for our employee community, with comprehensive offerings that extend past required trainings to additional sessions developed by both our internal experts and external partners. In total, we require a minimum one hour of training for each of our global employees annually, with many employees completing additional training time as well.

Foundational DEI Training

Our Foundational DEI Training is required for all BioMarin employees around the world. Sessions integrate real-world learning scenarios, informational video segments, and Q&A focused on a variety of DEI-related areas – such as overcoming unconscious bias and identifying microaggressions.

Advanced DEI Training

Advanced DEI Training at BioMarin builds on the foundation begun in our initial DEI course, offering employees the option to extend their exploration of how to incorporate DEI principles in their professional and personal lives. Instructors work with the group to build understanding and awareness of what it takes to advance DEI; utilize dimensional listening and applied empathy; practice courageous conversations and allyship skills with colleagues; and more.

Ensuring a Supportive Working Environment

Feeling safe in the workplace is an integral component of DEI. With this in mind, all U.S. individual contributors at BioMarin are required to complete training on how to avoid engaging in behaviors that may be construed as harassing, with participants learning how to help make others feel comfortable, secure and welcome in the workplace. Employees gauge contemporary workplace situations involving harassing behaviors and test their knowledge as they work through real-life scenarios.