Achondroplasia Family Stories

Hear from families who’ve been right where you are

They’re sharing their stories to help you feel secure in the life you’re creating for your child.

Meet Jackson and his mom, Lisa

Jackson’s a snowboarder, swimmer, and advocate. His mom, a paediatric occupational therapist, was able to use her expertise to guide her search for answers. By following Jackson’s lead, his family helps him flex his muscles and crush misconceptions about the limits to what a child with achondroplasia can really do.

Image showing a family

Meet Raegan and her mom, Raechel

Raegan’s an in-charge fashionista who loves to laugh. Her mom was frustrated in the beginning about how to get answers. Through a community of friends and family, Raegan is able to express herself and show the world who a child with achondroplasia can really be.

Image showing a mother with her girl