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At BioMarin, diversity is critical to what we do: in order to address complex challenges in science and medicine, we need the widest range of perspectives and ideas. These broad contributions can only come from a highly diverse employee community which brings the knowledge and insights gained from life experiences across the spectrum. An equal number of women and men is one among many of the critical characteristics that define this community.

Equal Female/Male Representation at Nearly Every Level

We have worked with diligence and resolve to build a global workforce which reflects an equal number of women and men. From entry-level roles, to mid-level positions, to executive leadership, we have focused on recruiting and retaining a balance of female and male colleagues to partner together in developing life-changing treatments for people with genetic disease around the world.

Our commitment to equal female/male representation is evident in our current employee demographics: women represent 49 percent or more of global BioMarin employees from individual contributors to executive directors. Today, 40 percent of our top leaders, including Vice Presidents and above, are female as well—and this number continues to rise. Through our constant focus on balancing women and men at all levels including top leadership, we have increased our percentage of women VPs and above in four of the past five years, and three of our current 11 board members are women as well. We look forward to continuing this upward trajectory, as we add more women to our top leadership ranks.

Strategies: Increasing Female Representation

We are committed to the journey of increasing female representation at BioMarin: with equal numbers of women and men at each level below top leadership, we are now focused on achieving equal female executive representation on our path ahead. To achieve this goal, we are adopting several strategies including:

  • Ensuring significant female representation in candidate pools for leadership positions across the organization
  • Requiring interview teams to include at least two females, prioritizing feedback from diverse perspectives through the interview process as selections are made
  • Providing professional development and coaching opportunities to promote women and other underrepresented groups from within, such as a Mentor Program that partners talented individuals with development partners

BioMarin Female/Male Employee Representation

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