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Continuing to support People of Color will remain among our highest priorities for the BioMarin community. When people from all walks of life come together to solve a difficult biomedical challenge, the result has exponentially more impact than a single perspective alone. For this reason, diversity is essential to our mission at BioMarin. To best serve our patients, we must ensure that our workforce reflects a cultural kaleidoscope, with People of Color who bring the broadest spectrum of views and ideas to bear in addressing the highly complex genetic conditions that affect people around the world.

People of Color: Half of U.S. Employees Through Senior Managers

Twenty-five years ago, BioMarin began by embracing difference, acknowledging and addressing the unmet medical needs of people with rare genetic diseases. A deep commitment to valuing difference remains at the heart of our company, where we are constantly working to support, understand, and celebrate People of Color across our employee community. This work takes many forms—from a wide range of Employee Resource Groups representing People of Color across the spectrum, to both Foundational and Advanced DEI Training for our global employees, to our partnerships with organizations that connect us with bright young underrepresented interns who will become the biomedical leaders of tomorrow.

While data protection rules do not allow People of Color demographics to be collected in all of our global regions, available U.S. data show People of Color currently represent 50 percent of all U.S. BioMarin employees from individual contributors to senior managers, with People of Color including Black/African American, Hispanic/LatinX, Asian/Asian American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and American Indian/Alaskan Native people.

Strategies: Increasing People of Color Representation in U.S.

We have critical work to do toward our goal of increasing People of Color representation in our U.S. workforce, and we are advancing this work at every opportunity. We are taking active steps to ensure more People of Color are represented at higher leadership levels, to recruit more entry-level Black and LatinX talent to fill our talent pipeline, and to provide educational opportunities for the underrepresented youth who will become the next generation of biomedical leaders. These steps include:

  • Expanding efforts to achieve diversity in the candidate pool for associate director and above positions across business units
  • Supporting recruitment by increasing strategic attendance and partnerships at conferences, schools, and organizations for underrepresented groups
  • Increasing diversity in interview panels, and including DEI concepts and behaviors in training for interview panelists
  • Creating professional development programs to increase retention and leadership communities for our underrepresented diverse population, including a Mentor Program that partners talented individuals with development partners
  • Partnering with community organizations to provide internship opportunities for People of Color in high school and college

BioMarin U.S. People of Color Employee Representation

Overall, available U.S. data show People of Color represented 45 percent of all U.S. BioMarin employees at the end of 2021, including American Indian/Alaskan Native (0.1 percent), Asian/Asian American (29.4 percent), Black/African American (3.5 percent), Hispanic/LatinX (7.9 percent), Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (0.7 percent), and Multiracial (two or more races, 3.4 percent) people, with White U.S. employees totaling 55 percent.


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