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At BioMarin, we recognize that there is therapeutic power in the arts and self-expression.

We think differently about rare disease, in both our science and our approach to helping amplify patient and caregivers voices. Creative expression, and the role it can play in finding hope and healing within rare disease communities, is a common theme on our mission to foster lasting community connections.

Blood of the Paladin Graphic Novel

The first-of-its-kind, free graphic novel, Blood of the Paladin, is based on the real life of community member Jonathan Hill. The book details how he learned to accept, manage and finally embrace his bleeding disorder, hepatitis C diagnosis, and survived HIV/AIDS during the blood contamination crisis, all with the help of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), the iconic fantasy role-playing game. For Hill, D&D provided an escape from the real world, helping him learn to process life and death – both real and imagined. Hill could be a hero exploring untold, unimagined worlds, while stuck in his hospital bed or at home.

BioMarin supported the launch of the graphic novel, as well as book clubs for the community to discuss its themes, in 2021. To learn more, visit www.BloodofthePaladin.com.

Breaking Through! Musical Theater Intensive

BioMarin is proud to sponsor the Breaking Through! Musical Theater Intensive, a musical theater and arts program for the bleeding disorders community produced by Believe Limited.

In 2021, the program offered creative writing and music workshops for teens and adults. Songs about the psychosocial and general health aspects of being a person with a bleeding disorder, as well as creative writing samples, were performed at a talent show.

The program began in 2018, when 25 students were flown to NYC, where they performed “Hemophilia: The Musical” on a broadway stage. See below for a behind the scenes look at the musical. Or you can watch the full performance here.

In 2020, the program adapted to overcome the constraints of the pandemic with an all-virtual performance of “Hemophilia: The Zoomsical.” Check out the 2020 performance below.

Breaking Through! Documentary

In 2022, we partnered with Believe Limited to announce the continuation of the Breaking Through! program with a new art form – documentary filmmaking. Ten selected adult participants participated in four virtual workshops to craft scripts and learn about the art of film. The resulting documentary premiered in May 2023.

Speak Out

At BioMarin Hemophilia, people always come first. We aspire to lift the voice of the hemophilia community and channel that energy into all that we do. That’s why we started Speak Out. We want to help the community thrive. From clinical research to supporting local advocacy groups, we will always make sure that you are heard.

Visit our website to listen to the sound of what’s next in hemophilia and connect with us on Facebook.

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