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Meet the 2023 Lock Recipients

Meet the 13 people who received a lock during our 2023 Rare Disease Day event.


A History of Healing & Growth

The BioMarin Trees of Life greets visitors at our San Rafael headquarters. The sculpture is a steel, waterjet-cut series of tress that was commissioned in 2018 by Gordon Huether, a local artist. The installation was inspired by MPS advocate, Isabel Bueso, as well as the Paris’ Pont Des Arts bridge.

The Trees of Life demonstrate our enduring commitment to people living with rare genetic conditions. Branches are filled with heart-shaped locks dedicated to those impacted by mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS), phenylketonuria (PKU), Batten disease, or achondroplasia – as well those who have made a difference in the development and advancement of therapies that treat those conditions.

Visit the Virtual Trees of Life

As part of our Rare Disease Day tradition, we have created a virtual, panoramic 3D version of the Trees of Life sculpture, so you can visit the block of trees from anywhere in the world. This interactive experience is a reminder of our commitment to people with genetic conditions and those who advocate on  behalf of those individuals. Click on the locks to learn more about each recipient.