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VOXZOGO® Dosing Calculator

The volume of VOXZOGO® to be administered is based on the patient’s actual body weight and the concentration of reconstituted VOXZOGO®.1 Use the VOXZOGO® Dosing Calculator to help you determine the appropriate dose for your patient.

Details about your patient’s recommended dose


Recommended vial strength for reconstitution should show mg on the label.


Vial should have a white, magenta, or grey coloured cap.


After reconstitution, mL should be injected.

Body Weight Vial Strength for Reconstitution* Injection Volume
10-11 kg 0.4 mg 0.30 mL
12-16 kg 0.56 mg 0.35 mL
17-21 kg 0.40 mL
22-32 kg 0.50 mL
33-43 kg 1.2 mg 0.25 mL
44-59 kg 0.30 mL
60-89 kg 0.35 mL
≥ 90 kg 0.40 mL

* The concentration of vosoritide in reconstituted 0.4 mg vial and 0.56 mg vial is 0.8 mg/mL.
* The concentration of vosoritide in reconstituted 1.2 mg vial is 2 mg/mL.


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Please also refer to the VOXZOGO® Instructions for Use.

Details about your patient’s recommended dose1,2

Weight range: 10-11kg

  • Vial should have a white coloured cap

Weight range: 12-32kg

  • Vial should have a magenta coloured cap

Weight range: ≥33kg

  • Vial should have a grey coloured cap


  1. Australian Product Information-VOXZOGO® (VOSORITIDE). Accessed November 2022.